Friends of The Green Valley

Friends of The Green Valley

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What are the ‘Friends’ of the Green Valley; Redlands, Yucaipa and Oak Glen in Southern California doing? Selling a book. Why? To purchase land and plant vineyards. President of ‘Friends of The Green Valley,’ (name) says with excitement, ‘this is not just any book, but one that represents our common vision for a regenerative, flourishing and beautiful Green Valley. The author and visionary behind the ‘The Book’ is Gayle Crosby. She is a native of Yucaipa, formerly with the Walt Disney Company in Marketing, a newspaper columnist for many years, residential and commercial realtor. As a great lover of the Green Valley, its people and land, from the proceeds of ‘The Book’, Gayle Crosby will purchase land for vineyards.

“The Book’ is THE SEDUCTION OF THE GREEN VALLEY: Gold, Greed & Grapes. It’s the first in a series of Green Valley historical fiction suspense novels about the Hart Family and their quest to save the Green Valley from the unscrupulous and to regenerate their land.

What is the goal? “As Friends of the Green Valley, our goal” explains, (name), “is to sell $1M (one million) books. Gayle will deposit $4.00 from every book sold into a bank account. When it reaches the $4M mark, Gayle, with the aid of all her Green Valley Friends will purchase the land and begin planting vineyards. What a picture that’s going to make for the newspapers!

As a 'Friend' what do I do?  Simply buy 'The Book' and encourage others to do so as well.  Special branded gift wrap has been created, 'I Bought The Book For You', Birthdays, Friends, Holidays etc. Where can I buy the book? Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Parrish Ranch in Oak Glen or on this website.   

What is the bottom line? The more books Gayle Crosby writes and the more we help her sell, the more our Green Valley will flourish through Gayle's dedication to the preservation and regeneration of our agricultural land, open space and historic landmarks. 

Where can I meet Gayle, buy 'The Book' and have it personally signed and gift wrapped? Gayle can often be found writing and signing books among the Pirates (Yikes!) at Parrish Pioneer Ranch, in Oak Glen at Gayle Crosby's Book Corner'. 



Gayle's Parrish Ranch Book Signing Schedule

 Dates: October 20th        12N -  4PM  
              October 21st        12N -  4PM
              October 27th       12N -  4PM
              October 28th       12N -  4PM
              November 3rd     12N -  4PM
              November 4th      12N -  4PM
              November 11th    12N - 4PM
              November 12th    12N-  4PM (Veteran's Day)
              November 24th   12N -  4PM
              November 25th    12N - 4PM
              December 1st       12N - 4PM
              December 2nd     12N - 4PM
              December 8th      12N - 4PM
              December 9th      12N - 4PM
              December 15th    12N - 4PM
              December 16th    12N - 4PM
              December 22nd   12N - 4PM

How can I become a Friend?
Just add your name below and consider buying one or many copies of
'The Book' by clicking here:  Shop Now (Note: To order large quantities, send your request via the Contact Us page for special instructions.)

How can I become a GREAT Friend?
What to give more to the cause?   Simply buy large quantities of books and we will distribute them in your name to libraries, schools, retirement homes, hospitals and worthy civic organizations.   Many would love to read, but just don't have the funds.  You will be doing a double service for the Green Valley.  Click Here For GIVING CHART.


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