Blog # 4

Blog # 4

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo:
'Student: Dorm Room 81A+/-xyz

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, the first of my two college Alma Maters, is quite fortunate not only to have 'Almost an Author' to claim as their very own, but 'Almost a Philosopher'.  It was in both these capacities I stopped by
the University on my way up to San Francisco last month.  

Since my mission was of a 'higher nature' (the passing on of a luminous torch of knowledge to others) I decided to present my Almost a Philosophical Work; The Seduktion of the Green Valley: Gold, Greed & Grapes to the Philosophy Department.  It had been 45 years since I was there last, and I found myself hopelessly lost.  Fortunately, Michael - a Philosophy Major rescued me.    He introduced me to Professor J who accepted my book graciously. I waited for as long as I could for the Professor to suggest I be the keynote speaker at the Philosophy Department Christmas Party - but it never came.  Unfortunately, I had to move on to my true goal: That of gifting The Seduktion to the 2018 Student who would be assigned to my Cal Poly SLO dorm room and the very bed I slept in. 

    Julia of the Cal Poly Campus Housing Department - helped me find, after forty-five years, Good-ol Dorm Room 81A+/-xyz .   We searched and searched and finally... there it was in all its glory!  Yes... it was just as I'd remembered.  There was the very closet I hid my friend Joe in (under a blanket) when our House Mother, Miss Edna, banged on the door, let herself in with a skeleton key, and demanded I "reveal the boy in my room or be expelled!"  

     Later, Julia and I visited my old communal Girls Bathroom where I vividly remembered the girl from 81C+/-xyz  warning me her naked boyfriend was showering next to a NAKED ME!   I FREAKED OUT!  Not for the  first or the last time during my Freshman year.  I smile ruefully at my college years and how I handled them. This is why I moved heaven and earth to find my old dorm room... to give the 'STUDENT' that was me - 45 years later  - the benefit of my life experiences and the wisdom it has brought me. This is why the package containing my life's work; THE SEDUKTION OF THE GREEN VALLEY: Gold, Greed & Grapes is sitting on the navy plastic bed cover waiting for 'THE STUDENT' to arrive who will open it, read the authors words to him/her and with tear-filled eyes, clasp the picture of me... Gayle Ann.... placed inside the book, to his/her heart.

Excuse me... the phone is ringing....
"Yes, this is Gayle Ann".
"Excuse me who?  The Cal Poly Campus Police - 'Suspicious Package Division'?
"Well... yes... I sent a package marked 'STUDENT' - Dorm Room 81A+/-xyz and only because...
"Yes Sir...
"Are the security dogs really necessary Officer? It's only a book...
"Well yes... I did give the Cal Poly Philosophy Department a copy of my book but the Professor seemed so happy - well not happy exactly ... but tolerant...
"They did?  Michael, the budding genius and philosophy student was expelled?  "The dog chewed up both my books?
"WHAT? NO, I categorically deny I created the T-Shirt  being worn around campus "I've been Seduced by Gayle Ann and on the back says, "for $1.00 you can be Seduced too?
"Absolutely not officer!"  I'm 64 and couldn't seduce a fly!  "Does this mean I won't be considered as the KEY NOTE SPEAKER for the Cal Poly Graduating Class of 2021?" 
There are days its just not safe to get out of bed in the morning! Here's to turning off your alarm clock for the third time and going back to sleep!


Gayle Ann

Disclaimer:  Gayle Ann is not responsible for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar or anything else which others who excelled in English at Cal Poly SLO  could point out. Any error is the fault of her computer 'DEFAULT' system which cannot be fixed, despite her many attempts to re-educate it.     



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Our news sources have learned through highly reliable CB trucking channels, that Gayle Ann, The Author of The Seduktion of The Green Valley has been banned from the campus of California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo.  A JUDGEMENT has been rendered on CASE 81A+/-xyz CAL POLY, SLO vs GAYLE ANN and is as follows:   The guilty, in lieu of massive fines for involvement with a suspicious package, criminal parking meter violations, and the hospitalization of one of its Philosophy Professors
upon reading Chapter One of Gayle Ann's book, will offer to all Cal Poly SLO Students a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of her book valued at $17.95 for only a $1.00.  We suggest using it as a door stop, place for used chewing gum, hidden compartment for fake ID's and in dire circumstances, a book to read if college life has left you completely brain-dead.


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