Blog #1

Blog #1

Reviving The Column -
The Imperfection of Gayle Ann

My first attempt at writing was as a columnist for the Millbrook Roundtable in New York.  It was called The Imperfection of Gayle Ann. My column was about hometown events, people and interesting things in our Village…but with a twist; Like toilet paper unknowingly stuck to one’s shoe or wearing the same dress as the Mayor’s wife at the Big Gala.  Gayle Ann’s attempts at ‘perfection’ were continually foiled by life - at every turn. While her real life blunders were embarrassing for her, Gayle Ann's readers delighted in her mis-adventures. 

My new adventure as She Was ‘Almost’ Our Author, will, I guarantee, be filled with ups and downs and many laughable moments.  This mini Online Column will serve to keep my online friends and family in the loop  - if you care to have a laugh, a cry, or offer a ‘Like’  - which I’ll interpret as ‘You Go Girl’! 

With Book #1, The SeduKtion of The Green Valley, Gold, Greed & Grapes, out worldwide...double yikes... there’s a good chance fun, cool, horrible, embarrassing and even perhaps amazing things are just around the corner.  I’ll share them with you often.


Gayle Ann

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The Literary Society For Challenged Authors has been working with severely challenged authors for over twenty years and welcomes all new members.  However, we must decline the recent application of one Gayle Ann, whose misspelling of the word ’seduktion’ in her new book The Seduktion of The Green Valley is beyond even our help.   We appreciate however, the free advertising!

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Former Yucaipa High School English teacher, and Literary Society President For Challenged Authors, Mrs. Biddick, claims Gayle Ann, who misspelled 'seduktion' in her new book, The Seduktion of The Green Valley, was never in her class, and furthermore, she is not...

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