Blog #2

Blog #2

Tolstoy She Was Not!

Those of us who are ‘Almost’Authors must think deeply about what we write, after all, the weight of the literary world is on our shoulders. We must have great imaginations which requires great thoughts. (Hmm…my minds a blank) Chocolate can be known to bring about marvelous ideas. (Two bars with almonds and still nothing).  A walk stimulates the blood which stimulates the mind. (It must take more than five miles) How did Tolstoy and Chekhov do it?  Hmmm -  I heard Green Tea has miraculous healing properties and can even create best-selling authors!  IT WORKED!   Chapter OneEarl Grey sipped his hot tea, the soggy bag still wrapped limply around the dispassionate silver spoon…

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Tea Room Cancel's Local Author For Disrespecting 'Tea Bags'

"There was a time when Tea and therefore Tea Bags meant something," said Tolstoy,  in his recent tea-time with renowned author Anton Chekhov.  "Gayle Ann's new book, EARL'S GREY TEA : Crumpets, Cream & Crimes has brought literature to a new low," complained Tolstoy. Chekhov said "there are no words to describe what a sad day this is.  Author's Tea Room has cancelled Gayle Ann's upcoming Sip and Sign and blocked 

                               Anton Chekhov and Leo Tolstoy 

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