A Sneak Peak

New York City, 2018
There was no escaping now! The panicked young woman was strapped in her seat aboard a Boeing 747 with a one-way ticket from her New York home to California.  The heat from the tarmac created mirages as the captain gunned the fiery engines into full throttle – the mighty brake alone holding back the powerful force. The crew and passengers all waited in suspense for the towers signal at which point the jetliner would race, gathering speed until it hauled its weighty self into the air and stayed there - hopefully, bolstered by the prayers of its travelers.  
 Suddenly she was overcome with the gravity of the moment. This was it! There was no turning back now!  Life had decided for her and left no other choice than to step into a world both old and new, known and unknown.  Suddenly the aircraft, pulling against its restraints, was released. The plane flung Honey into the air. Was she being hurtled toward an unpleasant fate or simply destiny? “This was meant to be”, she assured herself fortifying the idea with her grandmother’s motto; ‘there’s no such thing as chance’. 
 Hortencia Victoria Hart, aka Honey was the twenty-eight-year-old granddaughter of the late Victoria Katherine Hart, a woman of great beauty and wealth. Upon her death Honey became the owner of the thousand-acre ancestral estate called Hartland in Yucaipa, California. It’s first inhabitants were the ancient Yucaipat Indians followed by the European’s, Spaniards, & Mexican’s and then immigrants from all over the world. Every day for the past two-hundred years human ideas, thoughts, desires and actions have molded and shaped the Green Valley and Hartland, the effects of which Honey would find when she arrived.  Her grandmother Victoria had known that for Honey to understand the present, create a flourishing future for herself and the land, she must unravel the mysteries of the past. 
 Honey fingered the large pearl, held beautifully by diamonds, placed on a silver chain around her neck. “Do I,” Honey pondered, “a woman educated in the finest schools, well on my way to a fulfilling career in the world of business and hotel management, really want to step into the past?” 
Only time would tell. 


Gayle Crosby, Writer
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