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"I just read the digital version of The Seduction of The Green Valley, but I’m going to order a paper copy of my own, so I can physically hold your masterpiece and carry it everywhere I go!  Being sure to mention that Gayle Crosby is the brilliance behind this soon-to-be timeless classic!"                   Emily Beltran, President of Odyssey, Florida Gulf Coast University

"Wow! Wow! Wow! Your book is magnificent! Absolutely amazing! I'm half way through and I can't put it down. "The End" have no idea how disappointed I was last night to have finished the book.  The end came way too soon wanted more! I can see how all the stories will make a marvelous TV series.  What a gift you gave to this place and all of us! What a story!"  Beatrice Unguard Ph.D.

Just a respectful and appreciative note about "The Seduction Of 
The Green Valley" book. Being from Yucaipa Since 1953 for me
anyway, it was fun to travel around with the characters as they
traversed the area that I am so familiar with. The book was very
difficult for me to put down, and it was hard to turn that last
page, but I look forward to the continuing adventures.
Love you sis and thanks for writing this captivating story.
Mike Hinckley

"A great story!  Imparts life lessons in an incredible manner!  A must read for all, especially young adults just starting out in life."  Don McClain